ARK Easter Egg Hunt 2021 — biz_classic, we’re back!

By the time you’re reading this it’s Easter so.. happy Easter! If you don’t celebrate, that’s fine too.. happy Sunday! To celebrate, biz_classic is hosting another Easter egg hunt with some help from delegates yakety_yak, del, and arktoshi in sweetening the prize pool. Thanks to them, this year’s hunt will have 400 ARK worth of puzzles — that’s over $1000 at today’s prices!

We’ve hidden 400 ARK spread over 20+ wallets. If you can solve the puzzles and guess the passphrase the ARK is yours to keep! Just like last time, to give everyone a chance, half of the clues will be released today at the time of publishing (April 4th, 2021) and the other half on Monday, April 5th.

The passphrases are all lowercase alphanumeric and will not contain any numbers or special characters. For example, if the clue is “The URL of MarketSquare” then the answer will be “” and the passphrase to unlock the prize will be “marketsquareio”.

To get an idea of how our Easter egg hunt events usually go, check out our last one here with the solutions here.


  • The blockchain trilemma (ALp133RrEb62nCU526fhCyD7RAYQjdt7sg)
  • ARK’s two extra challenges (AQCEBXoMJwURjB4ktriWgYbipLT9cBBnf1)
  • wen HTLC? (AeeHtmRSG2ZCPWSgfkkHVLvksNVNwQTehS)
  • This kickboxer spends a lot of time providing general support (AGAfxV7Azhp21ka4VcpYpRdx5FnrscxQ58)
  • ”The guy with the hat in the explainer videos” (APKbdKcvHd5o8riiWNvg9SVcV95kwPSumd)
  • Number of builders of the ARK (AQ71BFYy76nJxqUWcCUVvRG7UwXSEJeQXf)
  • This graduate of the Deutsche POP Akademie (AWkhKdLjL2iyiEnUGG48Xo2ZBjjR3dL66W)
  • wen MarketSquare? (AZKHdT3quu9tAw2o3hBho4kiBRP53d93NT)
  • poggers I can now send ARK using (AbDiJ4bu9iZuxfXQ3z4ALDdXsKD1E1Pu7o)
  • Satoshi is to Bitcoin as ______ is to ARK (APQMVPr5VyPTkwKZqDpoY82DsXhDzLvVLf)

15 ARK

  • This smooth voiced podcaster’s account number (APp7Xg6hkrLhiMe17AMYUPAHpsY4EvSJDL)
  • The same delegate would love this decentralized platform that just joined MarketSquare (AQ3prg3py1bTYsDaFQyjAyoZaJuRZ2XfRE)
  • MarketSquare launch sequence 🚀 (ALfx91U5uYNDXiWKN5rN7ziDQ9qvbSXdxc)
  • Remember lunardude? When was his last payout? (AY17ajD4debRTWidRqP972aMUJiSUQoUn6)
  • Point. Click. Blockchain. is so 2018. (ANd5isuDMyiv8n8rnjveDZ2fG9KFoKPyhi)
  • This new MarketSquare member makes use of zk-SNARKs (ASudrFJqBs1McryCYSYiny7Gouf9EQVeBU)
  • Hey kid wanna fold some proteins? Join the team. (AaRS2cKZuD9AgWyNbBoMT515mesGYeznJM)
  • The centralized home of the decentralized team (AVjbQYrpGPfehKiuKs4MXL9Zhok6kutRij)
  • The captain of SS VNRfxwQ invites you aboard (AX2yWrVjSjQU5p7Y3BR3Qa8stbYcY4NUaK)

25 ARK

  • This senior brand manager started off as a humble sticker merchant funded by this transaction (AFtFRWd1dUFiuC8SFqvgrS4D5TYUE7mTgM)
  • Sum the faucet rewards and don’t forget to vote! (AHzuob5pYAaXTJcx4aF3RwFCwqyM5ng6hC)
  • The master of the wallet also solved most of the puzzles from our last Easter event! Digest his face. (ARTVYvwpt8kapuCfNNXsjq5M7QgcYKcZ3c)
  • The birth of the ClassicYakety (APvEhcekwSXF2SXUiPMjYJPAH1cbsx3Kh3)
  • Delegates of letters three, on Discord you will see. You must look fast, for whom the vote they cast. (ATQ4LuUvjjEDfyyPMzKygDobCVa58DBtfm)
  • Chirp chirp, this delegate chose a nice shade of ARK-red. It was close, but not close enough. Can you spot the difference? (ASTH7sTFeBJUQCDoxT9eAwzCjy9wnScapY)

30 ARK

  • Who are the three most stable delegates? Find and add their public numbers. (AM5vc51F5akbZM7TNf1iuEoQ6GMdEfGtYX)
  • Don’t forget to comment, subscribe, and smash the like button for this Delegate, Producer, and Entrepreneur. The key is the ID rotated by the number you see. (ASCgspBHFdMNfhuTXGeFNtLyzGMGsgzLvj)




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