ARK Easter Egg Hunt 2021 — Solutions

This year’s Easter Egg Hunt has come to a close. Every puzzle except two was solved by some clever ARKies. (It could’ve been all but one if it weren’t for an unfortunate typo, sorry!) Once again we’d like to thank delegates del, yakety_yak, and arktoshi for contributing to the prize pool. Now without further ado, on to the solutions.

— biz_network


The blockchain trilemma


This was unsolved due to a typo in scaleability when it was supposed to be scalability. Sorry :(

ARK’s two extra challenges


This is mentioned in the ARK whitepaper

wen HTLC?


This kickboxer spends a lot of time providing general support


“The guy with the hat in the explainer videos”


This was a direct quote from Matthew in the ARK discord :)

Number of builders of the ARK


The number of contributors to the ARK Core github repo

This graduate of the Deutsche POP Akademie


wen MarketSquare?


poggers I can now send ARK using


You can now tip crypto including ARK on Twitch, where poggers is a common meme

Satoshi is to Bitcoin as ______ is to ARK


15 ARK

This smooth voiced podcaster’s account number


yakety_yak’s soundcloud URL contains his account number:

The same delegate would love this decentralized platform that just joined MarketSquare


MarketSquare launch sequence 🚀


The stages of MarketSquare’s launch are laid out in this video by Justin

Remember lunardude? When was his last payout?


lunardude refers to the account on our website that was part of our last Easter Egg Hunt. Log into the account to get the date of the last payout

Point. Click. Blockchain. is so 2018.


ARK’s new tagline

This new MarketSquare member makes use of zk-SNARKs


Point. Click. Blockchain. is so 2018.


Hey kid wanna fold some proteins? Join the team.


ARK Folding @ Home’s team id number:

The centralized home of the decentralized team


The address of the ARK SCIC in France

The captain of SS VNRfxwQ invites you aboard


VNRfxwQ is the invite code to join ARK’s official Discord server. When you visit the invite link it says “Travis invited you to join arkecosystem”

25 ARK

This senior brand manager started off as a humble sticker merchant funded by this transaction


Justin Renken, ARK’s senior brand manager, started off in the ARK community by selling ARK stickers. He asked the Ark Community Fund for funding and it was granted. The id of the funding transaction is the solution.

Sum the faucet rewards and don’t forget to vote!


Add up the reward amounts on our faucet and then multiply the number by 3 because our voters get their rewards tripled! ;)

Then drop the decimal and you have the solution.

The master of the wallet also solved most of the puzzles from our last Easter event! Digest his face.


The top contributor to the ARK Desktop Wallet’s Github repo is dated who also solved a lot of puzzles in our last Easter Hunt. Take the SHA-1 hash (aka the digest) of his Github profile picture for the solution.

The birth of the ClassicYakety


Find the transactions where delegates biz_classic and yakety_yak registered as delegates and combine the ids.

Delegates of letters three, on Discord you will see. You must look fast, for whom the vote they cast.


The two delegates in the ARK Discord server with 3-letter names are tin (arktoshi) and del. Their delegate wallets are voting for alessio and goose, respectively.

Chirp chirp, this delegate chose a nice shade of ARK-red. It was close, but not close enough. Can you spot the difference?


Tin/Arktoshi’s Twitter profile picture uses a shade of red is #c9282e and the official ARK Twitter profile uses a shade of red that is #ca282e. The difference between these two shades is 0x10000.

30 ARK

Who are the three most stable delegates? Find and add their public numbers.


We’ve been calculating and keeping track of which delegates are most stable — how decentralized their voterbase is — since 2017 on our Stability Page. The top 3 most stable delegates are biz_classic, dutchdelegate, and ravelou. Get the public key numbers for these delegates and add them together for the solution.

Don’t forget to comment, subscribe, and smash the like button for this Delegate, Producer, and Entrepreneur. The key is the ID rotated by the number you see.


The delegate referred to is Del based on the tagline on his website. His website links to his YouTube page which has an ID of UCdOLmFn5jknwkTp1XkT4iYg. Rotate that ID by the number of videos uploaded to the channel, 7, to get the solution.