FREE Transactions and Faucet Contest!

As part of our holiday promotion, we’re going to be hosting a faucet rolling competition with a total prize pool of 50 ARK. First place will win 30 ARK, second place will win 15 ARK, and third place will win 5 ARK. The rules for the competition are fairly simple, and do not rely on any RNG.

  1. The competition begins on 12/31/17 at 00:00:00 UTC.
  2. The competition will run until 1/1/18 at 23:59:59 UTC.
  3. Competitors will be ranked based on how many times they rolled.

The person with the highest amount of rolls will be decided the winner. In case of a tie, the person with the shortest time between the first and last roll will be crowned the winner. Being a voter is not required to participate!

In addition to the faucet competition, we are offering free transactions to ALL from Christmas Day (12/25/17 00:00:00 UTC) through New Year’s Day (1/1/18 23:59:59 UTC). If your standard transaction is included in our blocks (both on biz_classic and biz_private), your 0.1 transaction fee will be credited on the biz_classic website regardless of whether or not you are a biz_classic or biz_private voter! In addition to transaction refunds, all votes and unvotes forged by our nodes during this time will also be refunded. Finally, to encourage more people to strengthen their wallet security, we will also be refunding second passphrase creation!

Your transaction is refunded in full as pending balance on our site if:

  • You yourself are not a delegate,
  • Your transaction is included in one of our blocks


  • You are unvoting a delegate, or
  • You are casting a vote for a delegate, or
  • You are sending a standard transaction, or
  • You are creating a second passphrase for your wallet

Finally, while it might be dwarfed by our other announcements, as of right now we are permanently reducing our minimum payout threshold to 0.3 ARK! If you are a small wallet and would like to keep getting paid after accumulating more, switch your payout frequency to weekly or monthly!

To increase the chances of your transaction being forged by us, you can use the Delegate Monitor to see who is forging next and time your transaction broadcast to when biz_classic or biz_private are about to forge.

We’re hoping that by offering free usage of the ARK network, we can inspire larger transaction volume on ARK, help people secure their wallets, and offer a chance for users to take advantage of potential holiday gifting, trading, and create more ARK buzz in general! Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year’s!




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