News Updates and Roadmap!

4 min readJul 16, 2017


If you’re reading this, the news section is now live. Providing updates through image boards or through discord where not many people check often enough was getting pretty frustrating, so we started a news blog that can be easily shared or checked whenever you navigate to the website.

Now that the initial hype has died down and we’ve made significant progress from the initial launch of the delegate, we can update you guys “officially” on what the plans are for the next few months, since we still get many questions that aren’t explicitly covered in our FAQ.

Custom Payouts

The state of the pool today is 100% payouts, a fancy pants website, and custom payouts for everybody. If you’re reading this and you haven’t yet signed up for a custom payout schedule, head on over to the login page and sign up to get started — you can choose to get paid daily, weekly, or monthly — and soon we’ll be adding a “Pay Now” button as well.

True Block Weight

Within the next week or two, we’ll finally be deploying our “True Block Weight” update. This will make our delegate the only pool using accurate to-the-block numbers for paying voters. The algorithm will accurately detect exactly how much your stake contributed to each individual forge round, and credit you exactly what you’ve earned. For example; If you own 0.01% of the ARK in our pool, then every 2 ARK block we forge will credit you exactly 0.0002 ARK. No estimates, just exact calculations. Very small wallets who did not get paid the first few days will also notice a larger payout the day this goes live as it will credit them earnings that were not saved or recorded from when we initially used arky for our payouts.

Weighted Delegate Split

Beyond that, we’re hoping to split into two delegates by the end of August. While it might not happen prior to the “Rolling Average Balance” update, we are preparing a way to double everyone’s earnings if we manage to hit 2 million ARK in the pool by splitting into two separate delegates. This will be coordinated by paying both pools as one, to ensure no one loses out on earnings while the second delegate jumps up the ranks to start forging. More details on this will come next month.

Rolling Average Balance

On August 23rd, to coincide with the end of the promotional period, “Rolling Average Balance” will be implemented. At the start of the initial voting, we noticed a decent number of wallets with 0 ARK voting for the delegate, presumably to “lock-in” the 90% payout bonus. This update will ensure that abusing our system in such a way will no longer be possible by calculating each wallet’s balance as its average across its lifetime in the pool. Further details will come closer to the date, but this update will keep small wallets paid and prevent bigger ones from abusing our pool.

Pool Fidelity

Finally, at some point in September or October, we will be once again balancing how payments work and allow people who missed out on the 90% grandfathering to get a jump on bigger payouts. We will be implementing a custom fidelity curve with the “Pool Fidelity” update, which essentially brings back grandfathering in a very specific way — to put it simply, the longer you are a part of the pool, the higher percentage you get paid. This will bring additional incentives to stay in the pool without hopping.

That about wraps it up. Find us in our discord or check out the site.